Federal government will bully us on carbon tax/cap & trade

By Brian Peckford

Just a few short hours ago the Princeling’s Government through his Environment Minister Catherine McKenna clearly indicated that if a Province does not move ahead on a price for carbon, carbon tax or some cap and trade , the Federal Government will impose such measures. This was revealed in an interview on the CTV Question Period  Program hosted by Evan Solomon.

Note this is co-operative federalism for you. Sounds like Daddy Trudeau haunts the Liberal corridors of power. Remember the finger! Remember his unilateralism on the Constition ! Wage and price controls , War Measures Act? The more things change ———-.

I think Premier Brad Wall (thank God he is still around) on that same program exposed the Trudeau fantasy 0f all this. He reference Canada’s contribution to  world CO2 emission by fuel combustion to be 1.8% and that there were nearly 2400 coal fired plants either planned or under construction on the planet. 

The Global Warming Policy Foundation issued a report on Dec . 2, 2015 entitled ‘The Truth About China .’

This report was highlighted by Anthony Watts of the Wattaupwiththat blog. In describing the coal plants around the world planned and under construction the blog produced a map for easy reference. The map outlined where these plants are:

Existing and planned/under construction

India 589—446
China 2363—1171
European Union 468—27
Turkey 56—93
South Africa 79–24
Philipinnes 19—60
Japan 90—45
South Korea 58—26

So why is Canada acting so irresponsibly given this information? 

The late Michael Crighton was the first to talk of environmentalism as a religion. Sadly this belief system  is alive and well in Ottawa – to the country’s detriment.

SEPTEMBER 18, 2016